A family 'eco' town house designed and built on three levels with light, open plan spaces.  In addition to functional communal spaces suitable for family living, the owners required dedicated office and studio areas.

Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors provide access to the lower ground terrace and garden, whilst glazed bi-folding doors open up the ground floor balcony.  A curved central staircase crafted in oak links all floor levels and polished concrete floors provide aesthetic and eco elements to the interior.

With a simple palette of materials as a foundation, the interior style combines an eclectic mix of inherited antiques, up-cycled junk shop finds and modern designer features, successfully creating a warm, relaxed environment on a minimal budget. Contrasting textiles, hand-crafted objects and original artworks lend a quirky vibe.

ECO technology


The house has a PV and solar thermal roof, one of the first in the UK, an MVHR system, airtight construction and is super insulated, resulting in minimal energy bills and a warm, light comfortable living environment.

Building development by Louise and Peter Wingate-Saul

In collaboration with BBM Sustainable Design

Contracted building works by Brian Huntly Builders Ltd

Exterior photography by BBM | Johnny Bassett

Interior photography by Claire Brooker

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