Inspired by Japan

Written by Claire: The memories of my trip to Tokyo have infused the past year as I've worked intermittently on a new print series.  I've remained botanically inspired, using original plant matter and driven by a desire to capture the spirit of the Eastern experience: the attention to detail and consideration of space, explosions of neon colour interlaced with delicate, translucent layers and above all a peaceful, contemplative mood that pervaded all aspects of the trip.  I loved the contrast between chaotic complexity and ordered refinement, elements that I strive to interpret within my imagery.  


Written by Claire: With Spring in the air I'm sensing the beginnings of new work created in the spirit of my journey to Japan.  I was inspired by so much: colour + texture, the juxtaposition of the traditional + the super modern, the attention to detail and aesthetics.  Drawing together these references I begin to see patterns literally and conceptually, building ideas for new prints.  There are so many starting points to explore, here's just a few with a little snippet of a new idea...