Written by Claire: With Spring in the air I'm sensing the beginnings of new work created in the spirit of my journey to Japan.  I was inspired by so much: colour + texture, the juxtaposition of the traditional + the super modern, the attention to detail and aesthetics.  Drawing together these references I begin to see patterns literally and conceptually, building ideas for new prints.  There are so many starting points to explore, here's just a few with a little snippet of a new idea...


Neon Tokyo

Written by Claire: Back to Brighton and reviewing the imagery collected from such a fantastic trip to Tokyo city.  We stayed in the heart of Ginza amidst the skyscrapers:  an explosion of neon lights at ground level and stretching into the sky.  Night time views across Tokyo Bay and downwards to the network of streets sprawling below.  Illuminated signs and light boxes ranged from designer branding to artist constructions.

Neon Tokyo.jpg


Claire's Travels: I'm really looking forward to my trip to Japan in just a couple of weeks time.  It's our very first visit and whilst Spring would be my ideal season to go (to see the cherry blossom of course being a big fan of all things botanical) Winter will do just fine.  So we are leaving English soil and the usual festivities to see how Tokyo fares.  I'm hoping for bright skies and mild temperatures and as we are only there for six days we have no real agenda other than to take in the sights and soak up the atmosphere (although a trip to Kyoto on the bullet train is on the cards if we can squeeze it in).

I have no pre-conceptions and I'm looking forward to drawing inspiration from another culture both in historical and contemporary terms. Any design or craft aspects will be more than welcome!

japan postcard.jpg