artist open house, brighton, may 2018

Wild - Garden - Ritual is the culmination of Claire Brooker, Nicola King + Katie Lenegan’s shared interest in observing and documenting natural forms: the human body, flora, woodlands and water. Working within their Sussex and Oxfordshire locations they create they create imagery reflecting their personal explorations and contemplations. Exhibiting for the first time together, they invite you to enjoy these artworks in a contemporary space.

Claire Brooker

 drawing + printmaking 


Nicola King 



Katie Lenegan

painting + printmaking


opening dates   5/6th  12/13th  19/20th  26/27th

hours  11:00 - 17:00

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we are part of the Beyond the Level trail #beyondthelevel

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how to find us

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we are a short walk from Lewes Road bus station and London Road train station

car parking is limited to Pay & Display bays situated on Roundhill Crescent and Richmond Road