Claire is a designer with work that includes drawing, photography and printmaking.

I developed a fascination for the rhythms of repetition, intricate details and nuances of colour whilst training for a degree in constructed textile design in the early 90’s.  In recent years my attention has shifted from the 3-dimensional into the realms of image making, exploring processes that portray subjects using a combination of traditional methods and digital technology.

Botanical specimens have become a favoured source for examination, exhibiting many of the qualities that I find inspiring. Living close to the rambling countryside and gentle coast of East Sussex I find a myriad of visual subjects: all seasons, all weathers are influential.

The rituals of gathering and documenting the specimens are part of my working process. When I have returned to my studio I initially fall back on some tried and tested methods to develop initial ideas. Then, once in progress, I open these up to a combination of chance and meticulous experiments. I also draw on other influences (artists, designers, products, cultural references) allowing these to blend with the original imagery; a fusion of qualities that in some moments is systematic and in others is guided by the exploration itself suggesting an overall pattern of thought or vision. 


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